Functional Skills - ICT
Level 1



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About the Course

A Level 1 functional Skills ICT qualification will introduce you to the basics of Information Communication Technology, in which you will gain skills that will help you in navigating everyday life. Completing this can lead on to further education such as Level 2, which is GCSE equivalent. Level 1 is equivalent to a low GCSE Grade.

Specialists have built this course in order to make sure it is available to all learning types, everyone of all abilities is welcome – and will find the course suited to them.


Modules included on the ICT Level 1 Functional Skills Course consist of:

Starting a project and Main Interface. Within this module students will focus on producing and working with files and folders, building suitable folding structures and having control access to files.

Data Structure and Presentation. This module consists of building data tables, working with a variety of data, learning how to format it, sort it and present it through the likes of data tables.

Working with numbers and charts. This specific module teaches students how to create a wide range of graphs and charts, alongside learning how to understand what they mean and going on to produce their own print outs.

Planning a publication. In this module students will learn how to critically analyse the effectiveness of layouts, scrutinise requirements, rank information and set criteria for publications.

Formatting Information. This will be done by teaching students how to enter formulas, use specific functions and display information in the correct formats. Alongside this, preparing text for a range of publications, how to apply the correct formatting and creating print outs that meet requirements will be taught.


Level 1 is for all abilities, and there are no specific requirements needed. It is important that you have literacy and numeracy skills to a basic standard. A stable internet connection and computer is also needed, which will be provided in class.


The assessment for Level 1 Functional Skills is one exam with two sections. This will be done online, alongside quizzes at the end of each module.


Once the exam is passed, you will be awarded a Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills qualification in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at Level 1 (Qualification Number: 500/9468/3).

Pearson is the major awarding body in the UK, being the largest. Their academic and vocational courses are globally known and praised.