Functional Skills - ICT
Entry Level 1 & 2



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45 GLH
47 TQT

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About the Course

A qualification in Functional Skills ICT Entry Level 1 and 2 will give you a great understanding of information and communication technology, as well as giving you the ability to be self-confident and independent in general. The entry levels have been made due to employer’s believing that those learning are not knowledgeable enough of the basics. All Entry Level’s for ICT are made up of 45 hours of guided learning.


Using ICT. This will consist of learning and following the correct safety procedures, such as making sure information is safe through passwords, using interface features through computer hardware and software as well as becoming knowledgeable on the purposes of ICT. Level 2 will be the same, except they will be doing this to a fuller extent. For example, when looking at ICT sources of information, they will be focusing on numbers – and the module will be longer.

Finding and Selecting Information. Within this module students will gain an understanding of this through programmes such as Word – this is when learners will see these specific tools as ICT systems. In addition, learners will also have the opportunity to use touch screen technology. Again Level 2 learning will be doing this in more depth, such as learning about images and how they are manipulated, as well as labelling them.

Developing, Presenting and communicating information. By the end of this module, learners will be able to use and change documents in the correct way – this means students will be able to find mistakes, as well as add to the current information and amend it. Level 2 will be doing the same, and will be partaking in further activities such as creating their own documents and adding images from the internet to them.


There aren’t any current entry requirements, all equipment and resources will be provided in our in-person sessions.


The assessment for Functional Skills ICT Entry Level 1 will consist of a paper-based exam, which will be graded as either pass/fail. This can be done over multiple sessions and can be adapted for different learning types. The same will be done for Entry Level 2.


Once the exam is passed, Learners will attain a Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills Qualification in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at Entry Level 1. (Qualification Number: 500/9112/8)

Entry Level 2 learners will attain a Pearson Edexcel Functional Skills Qualification in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at Entry Level 2. (Qualification Number: 500/9104/9)

Pearson is the major awarding body in the UK, being the largest. Their academic and vocational courses are globally known and praised.