Welcome to Geeks Room CiC, we are honoured to dedicate our time, passion and skills to enhance the lives of young people within the community, of and around Leeds.

Community is at the heart of all we do


Education is for Everyone

Inclusion Strengthens Us

Our mission is in delivering effective mentoring while accommodating differing values, abilities, interests and perspectives.

​Our Aims

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  • To help young people grow to their potential and help them set realistic goals for their future.

  • To provide a safe, supportive and enterprising environment.

  • To use “GamEducation” as our primary resource in enhancing the education we provide.

  • To ensure each young person is getting the opportunity to build on their knowledge, skills and confidence.

  • To build socially inclusive bonds with our community which will last beyond sessions.

We Believe

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At Geeks Room we believe in applying our passion and dedication to each and every young person who steps through our doors. Our staff and volunteers strive to make every persons' experience the most nourishing and enjoyable that we can; ensuring that every young person’s needs are taken care of and they are always learning throughout their sessions.  

We Achieve Our Aims by

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  • Treating all who come to us, as individuals with the respect they deserve.

  • Establishing an effective partnership with the schools, organisations and parents that we work with.

  • Striving to build on our own skills and abilities of our staff and volunteers to continuously support our community.

  • Providing a safe, relaxed, comfortable and inclusive environment which stimulates and engages young people.

  • Work towards building young people's independence and support them to overcome the challenges and obstacles of everyday life. 

  • Creating opportunities for young people in the community so that they can reach their potential.

  • Treat all who come to us, as individuals with the respect they deserve.

  • Giving everyone a chance.