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Our fees are invoiced and structured at a termly price, which we generally align with Leeds City Council's School term-time calendar. For more information please feel free to contact us.

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  *Excluding half-terms, bank holidays and training days


From 4th September 2023

To 22nd December 2023

Half Term -  31st October to 6th November


From 8th January 2024

To 28th March 2024

Half Term - 13th February to 19th February


From 15th April 2024

To 23rd of July 2024

Half Term - 28th May to 3rd June

Geeks Experience Session from £315 per term (1 weekly, 2 hour session)

Young Adult Provision session from £1120 per term (1 weekly, day session)

Additional Packages

The ABOVE fees are a base rate for standard Geeks Experience sessions, excluding additional support, bespoke or 1:1 packages etc. 

Our additional support packages are listed and priced below:

1 to 1


Geeks Experience session

+ £875

Young Adult Provision session

+ £1680

2 to 1 Support

or 1 to 1 Room

Geeks Experience session

+ £1750

Young Adult Provision session

+ £3360

Bespoke Courses

or Support

Geeks Experience session

Fees on Request

Young Adult Provision session

Fees on Request

Holiday, Events,

and Boot Camps

Pricing and Information

about upcoming events

can be found here

Session Fees are calculated by the Geeks Experience Standard Base Price PLUS the additional support package or packages required, if any. 

Example A :
If Student A on Geeks Experience requires sessions in our 1 to 1 room, the total termly fee will be £315.00 + £1750.00= £2065 (Per Term based on one two-hourly session per week).
Example B:
If Student B on Geeks Experience requires 1 to 1 support inside the main session, total termly fee will be £315.00 + £875.00= £1190.00 (Per Term based on one two-hourly session per week).
Example C:
If Student C on Geeks Experience requires no support, total termly fee will be £315.00 (Per Term based on one two-hourly session per week).
Example D:
If Student D on our Young Adult Provision, requires sessions in our 1 to 1 room, total termly fee will be £1120 + £3360 = £4480 (Per Term based on one full-day per week).

Pricing and Fees FAQ

What is the difference between Geeks Experience/ Young Adult Provision pricing? 

Students can attend two-hour long Geeks Experience sessions, from ages 8 – 18. Our Young Adult provision offers day sessions between 10AM and 4PM, for those up to age 25.

What do you mean by 1 to 1 room? 

At Geeks Room we have dedicated rooms designed to allow students purposeful spaces to engage in our sessions, without needing to be able to attend our main sessions. Our primary goal would be to reintegrate them into our main sessions, but at their own pace. 

How does the 1 to 1 support work? 

For students who may find our main sessions challenging to attend and engage in, we can discuss and tailor a support package to the students needs within our main Geeks Experience sessions, without having to require a 1 to 1 room.

Can someone attend with the student?

If a student needs transition support, we have a space out of the main session rooms, available for parents/guardians to wait during the sessions. However, if a student requires a PA, TA or other person (outside our organisation) to be present/needed within sessions, an additional fee will be incurred to cover the cost of the extra space required. 

What is included with a Bespoke Course/Bespoke Support?

Our bespoke courses allow us to tailor sessions to more specific needs, desires or learning objectives apart from what our Geeks Experience Sessions can offer. Please contact us to discuss this further with our team.

Can they attend more than once a week?

Our pricing structure is designed around one session per week, which is for two hours. However, once a student is settled within our session, we are open to discuss increasing the amount of sessions they attend per week if it would suit the student. This would be invoiced as an additional session.

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