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Geeks Experience

Using our three core subjects, we combine their best attributes to deliver a course suited to building confidence, concentration, behavioural and social skills.


Design Geeks

The design technology industry covers a wide range of areas, from website and game design to product and tool manufacturing and engineering. Through our courses, students are able to develop their creativity.

Image by Balázs Kétyi

Special Geeks

In addition to our regular courses, we are open to providing more individually tailored courses for those who wish to learn a computer related skill outside of the subjects of our standard classes.

Image by Lorenzo Herrera

Geek Star Coders

Programming is quickly becoming an essential skill needed in the fast-developing technological world, and is at the centre of many careers.

Image by Ilya Pavlov

Technical Gurus

We are living in an age where computer knowledge is a must, and there is a growing need for practical-based computer training that is based on students’ and employers’ goals and skill needs.

Image by Vishnu Mohanan

Young Adult Provision

Our provision for young adults aged 18-25 with additional needs, focuses on building and enhancing employable skills and social integration in an alternative educational setting.

Image by Helena Lopes
Community, Inclusion & Education
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