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Most of our students begin their journey with us with this course. No prior knowledge is required. We explore the basics in a fun and interactive way, and structure learning in a way which will bring out each student’s natural creativity. For example, our Beginner Coding course develops understanding in the basic concepts of block-based coding such as sequencing and variables. 


Some prior knowledge advised but not required. In this course we begin to get into more in-depth concepts and methods, to enable our students to start engaging more fully. For example, our Intermediate Tech Gurus course covers detailed diagnosis and fault finding, while in our Coding course students will start to develop their own ideas for purpose-built projects.


Students should have prior knowledge, ideally by completing the beginner and/or intermediate courses. More advanced concepts will be taught in this course, leading to our students becoming confident and able to work fully independently. With our tailored and detailed mentoring, students will, for example, work towards sophisticated individual projects and certification. 

We cater for all abilities and capabilities, and have a range of levels from the beginner to the advanced learner: